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STORM planning suite

Many systems today are sold in modular form with only certain people being allowed to see certain bits. At STORM we believe in giving everyone the same simple platform.

  • So there are no complicated licencing for different modules
  • One simple cost structure, sold per seat per month, if you don’t use, you don’t pay!
  • Visibility is open to all, so there should be no excuses for things being missed or late

Quick Feature List

  • Clear visibility of all business activities in a simple interactive Dashboard
  • Single Tasks
  • Recurring Tasks (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Annually)
  • BPM (Business Process Management)
  • Projects, one-off or template driven
  • Staff absences, holidays, sickness, training etc
  • Link to Microsoft Outlook (for Staff Absences)
  • Powerful multiple choice filtering function (Pinpoints your work quickly and precisely)
  • Standard reports, by Resource, Resource Utilisation, Product/Country, Project and Gantt
  • Notes are available at all stages, as aide memoir or process/production notes
  • KPI and volume tracking/reporting
  • Milestone tracking
  • Over-allocated resource alert
  • Resource/Task scheduling reporting
  • Absence clash warning
  • Off-track alert
  • Sign-off alert
  • Documentation linking
  • Alert filtering
  • Email alerts
    • - For tasks off-track, late etc
    • - Reminder emails, emails specially set up to notify parties
    • - Advise emails, automatically triggered on completion of a task
  • Timed activity tracking (tracking process/production throughput)
  • High-level Projects module with to-do list capability
  • Dynamic/auto scheduling based on triggered dates (A date from an external process triggers the re-scheduling of your process in STORM i.e. your process is awaiting the arrival of something external to your company)

STORM Interoperability, the STORM Planning suite connects to:

  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional)
  • Microsoft Outlook (for Staff Absences)
  • Microsoft Excel (Output of all reports into Excel)
  • SQL Server (Your data is stored in an SQL Server)

STORM has experience in interfacing to the following:

  • SAP (Accounts Client and Product Tables mapping)
  • SalesForce Dot Com (Opportunities and Quote module)
  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional mapping)
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